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My current daily driver is unfortunately a company vehicle that has spent the last 6 years of its life in the chicagoland area and has paid the price. This shit box is a “beautiful” 2012 Ford E-150 equipped with a rusted out front bumper, faded vinyl graphics, and a few large dents. Thankfully my other rigs are of a much higher quality than the van. I am a fan of most cars but my favorite cars are small and German. I have a 2008 BMW 135i that serves as my personal daily. Equipped with a bms dci and a jb4 its not short on speed.  Along the lines of project cars I have a rust free (Remember rust free is rare here on the Rust Coast) 1995 BMW 325is that is in prime condition to receive some go fast track day upgrades.  My last car is a rusted out, chopped apart, and dieing 1970 Opel GT.  She’s rough but will be perfect for an upcoming summer frankenstein project. 


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