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Last good picture of the Silverado
Out with the trail team in Sub-Zero temps… Truck did great!
Checking out the undercarriage on the Maverick
Home sweet home, awaiting attention.
Subtle Sedan

I tend to buy cars I see potential in and get them as cheap as possible. Make them better, enjoy them, sell them and do it again.


08 Silverado: *RIP*

In the process of replacing the tow rig as it was recently totaled.

04 CTS-V:

The Dad Mobile, picked up in North Carolina for a steal as it had been rear ended and needed some cosmetic love. I continue to improve it aesthetically and find more hidden gremlins from it’s accident, nonetheless, a great car.

80 Yota:

I like to be off the road as much as on so to cure the offroad bug I weaseled my way into a not mint condition 1st generation Toyota Pickup. This truck will be receiving many upgrades for offroad use and some just for fun.

Other projects you can expect to see coverage on…

Mercedes W114 Coupe

Custom Air-Ride


motor and body reassembly

Ford Maverick

budget pro touring resto


ISO: 4.0L I6 jeep motor

Trashcan CX500

Spring check up

Honda Ruckus

150cc swap revival


motor install

General Shennanigans!

Stay tuned!

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