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How ya doin? Now lets just start this by clarifying that I love all styles, shapes, sizes, and brands of vehicles………but in my own perfect world, its just rusty, high mileage, Toyotas as far as the eye can see.

Currently my main rig is that toothpaste green Tacoma. Now this thing may appear clean, but a closer look will reveal some symptoms of time spent here on the Rust Coast. Frame is actually really clean, aside from the areas that I patched back together after removing the air-ride setup that I fabricated then decided was too much of a hassle for daily life. The windshield is rusting out of it, but hey, a little silicone drizzled into the holes to keep the rain out and its as good as new…..right? I do however have larger plans for this little underpowered 4cyl, 5 speed, mechanical asshole. So stay tuned on how I demonstrate the actual polishing of a TuRD. (Toyota Racing Development joke)

My other rig however is actually much nicer, and with half as many wheels. My 2015 CRF250L, Honda enduro. This little dirt scooter has your basic asshole package modifications, (full FMF exhaust, air box mod, and fuel programmer), mainly purchased as an impulse to get rid of that damn Harley I had because I wanted something I could do some ditch diving on. Plus, if you’ve ever ridden a dirt bike, then you know how much fun it is to rip around town legally on one.

We hope you enjoy viewing our content as much as we enjoy sharing our shenanigans and misadventures. So kick back in a folding chair here on the Rust Coast, and of course, don’t forget your tetanus shot.


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