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Welcome to the Rust Coast


In Illinois, we don’t get a coast. What we do get, is rust. Let’s set the scene. Illinois is a state where the temperature will be 110 degrees Fahrenheit and humid in the summer, and all the way down to -18 degrees and frigid cold in the winter. We have the real “Salt Life” here, because they salt our roads. As a car enthusiast, this is unimpressive.

Any good daily driver lasts about 15 years before it’s as good as gone. This decomposition of our beloved cars leaves us in the undeniable location that I like to call, the Rust Coast. Rust Coast Customs is a page determined to showcase the best (and the worst) cars in the Midwest and beyond. Our goal is to have fun and write satirical articles while creating outrageous videos. Coupled with our insatiable urge to build our own rust free cars, this blog is a place for a small group of enthusiast to escape the rust and create something that won’t decay over time. The cars we build, review, and ogle may be stanced, built to drift or drag race. They may be muscle cars, family cars, or even work trucks. We have no bias. If it’s funny, if it’s cool, or maybe even both, we will post about it, we will build it, we will buy it, but most of all, we will enjoy the hobby.



Spencer View All

I'm just a car enthusiast that wants to build the perfect rust free car while trapped in the rust belt on the scenic rust coast.

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