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The Kentucky Story

I finally found the 1967 Impala/Caprice (Or is it Crap-Piece) that I had been looking for on Ebay. After bidding an amount I thought was sure to be outbid, I won the auction and had to figure out how to get a non-running car from Castlewood, Va to Peoria, Il. A close friend of mine offered to go with me and pick the car up, if I paid for hotels, food, and gas. It was all a great trip there, the car was exactly as described, and everything was going perfectly until the oil cap on the truck turned up missing. At this point I used one of the most dangerous phrases that you can utter on a road trip. “If this is the worst thing that happens we’re doing great.” Shit.

Fast forward to the next morning. At about 9:00 am I’m taking all of my belongings out of the burning truck and loading them in the passenger door of the 1967 Caprice on the trailer, because at this point this may be my only way to get home.  Lucky for us, when you cause an accident on the interstate the police send a tow truck. Luckily for the tow truck operator, he gets to charge us however much he wants because we have no options.

Lexington Kentucky is a rough place, and it’s the only city close to the podunk town Mt. Vernon. It’s so rough in fact, that while we were getting the only U-Haul truck available to tow the car back, a drive by shooting took place. After the police questioning was finished we were off with the 16′ U-Haul truck and on our way back.

Once we had the car unloaded, it was time to go back for the truck. This truck had sentimental value to my friend, otherwise we would have left it behind at this point. We switched to a smaller U-Haul truck, a pickup instead of a box truck to save gas, but they left us with the wrong hitch. This problem presented itself in the form of rapid disassembly of truck and trailer, sending the wrecked truck rolling backwards off the trailer. As if this wasn’t enough, once the trailer was down the wrecked truck rolled forwards again and right over the fender of the truck.

We finally got the truck home. It was a pretty wild Sunday-Tuesday…


1967 Chevrolet Caprice with a 327. All it needed to get it running was points and a carburetor rebuild.


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I'm just a car enthusiast that wants to build the perfect rust free car while trapped in the rust belt on the scenic rust coast.

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