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Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico Part 1.

What a drive. Car enthusiasts love road trips, but this was almost too much. My girlfriend, now fiance and soon to be wife, is from Hermosillo. It’s the opposite of Illinois, because they only have one season, Summer. Luckily we drove my 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 that had a working air conditioner.

Our road trip started in Peoria, IL. The first night we stopped in Omaha, NE, at a crappy little motel that we checked into at 2:00 am. We actually got a discount because the desk attendant was yelling at a customer on the phone when we called and booked a reservation. (That must have been an awful customer because the attendant was really nice.)

The next stop for us was Denver, Colorado. Cue the song “because I got high” by the afro man. Or whoever does that song, that’s not really important. What is important, is that I, the only person in the car who hadn’t smoked weed while in Co, freaked out because of the pressure difference so we had to stop and get a hotel. Whatever, I’m just really lame like that.

First thing in the morning we got up and made our way to Moab, Utah. This was my favorite stop, but we didn’t get long before we were back on the road to the Grand Canyon. Don’t get me wrong, the Grand Canyon was amazing, but I would like to visit it with the intention to hike down. I was only allowed to climb down a little bit before it upset everyone in my party because I was being “dangerous.” Oh, well, maybe I’ll drive the Crap-Piece next time and go there with Jake.

We finished up the day driving to Phoenix, AZ. When we arrived at about 1:00 am it was 110 degrees and humid. This was the worst part of our trip, the walk into the hotel room in the heat. When we woke up we were only a few hours away from our destination in Hermosillo, so we stopped and got Krispy Kreme donuts. Apparently they don’t have these in Mexico.

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I'm just a car enthusiast that wants to build the perfect rust free car while trapped in the rust belt on the scenic rust coast.

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